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Xquisite Creative Production




Our in-house creative team can take an idea or a thought and conceptualise it into a visual cue. Whether it's a concept or a clear idea, we can take that and turn it into a scamp, a basic visual or a photo-realistic 3D render. Once we have a 3D render, let's really bring it to life with a 3D walkthrough or fly through. Using the latest software, we can turn that visual into a first-person digital experience.

Need artwork? Our creative studio have the capabilities to take client assets and turn them into high quality artwork, created to fit our builds seamlessly.


Our in-house technical design team take design intent renders and turn them into working documents. Technical designs and CAD spec 3D models are created for our in-house production team and our operations team. This means that whether it is a completely bespoke build or using an existing venue, all elements are produced to exacting specs. Included in our Technical Studio's capabilities are floorpans, structural drawings, and live event process sequences.


Xquisite Pr Ltd, 1 Wells Place,
Merstham, Surrey RH1 3LG

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